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8 Free Fantasy eBooks Used By Disney For Their Animated Films

The Walt Disney Company has built an empire out of animated films and have had a string of hits since they released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. However, as many fans know, many of the animated classics that were published by Disney are based on stories that are in the public domain. Those who enjoy Disney films, but would like a glimpse of the original stories used as a basis for them should definitely check out the following free ebooks.


6 Free Classic Sci Fi eBooks About Mars

Long before the red planet became a target for unmanned expeditions and remote exploration, Mars has fascinated humanity. Science fiction authors, in particular, have a fondness for our neighboring planet and it wasn’t so long ago that humanity thought that Mars had some form of water and life. Of course, thanks to Mariner in the 1960s, a lot of the mysteries about Mars were dispelled, but there are still a wealth of imaginative books about the planet for those disappointed with the reality.

Six Free Romance Novels Set During Time of War

Traditionally, romance novels tend to be set in contemporary times or, if authors prefer something a little more historic, Regency England. However, there is a whole world of free eBooks available that feature other time periods for love to bloom. War is a time of great tragedy and sacrifice, but amidst all the chaos and violence there are still opportunities for love. The six free romance novels below are all set during times of war, placing more obstacles than usual in the paths of the star-crossed lovers.


5 Free Mystery/Detective Novels With The Most Unassuming Titles

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what about its title? A good title can instantly pique your interest, give you a clue about the story or set the tone for the book. However, there are also a few books with riveting stories lurking behind a rather unassuming title. While not outright misleading, these book titles don’t exactly capture the imagination or create any type of expectation for their stories. Unfortunately, this also means that often these books are overlooked, especially in the mystery/detective genre where readers are looking for suspense or excitement. To avoid missing out on some good stories simply due to their titles, have a look at the following free books that are much better than their rather mundane titles might suggest.


5 Must Read Free Lovecraft Books For Horror Fans

The horror genre has more than its fair share of authors who are able to keep readers not only entranced but nervously double checking that their doors and windows are locked at night. Big names like Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz and James Herbert have built their careers around conjuring up terrors. However, there is one author whose work is linked so tightly to the genre that just his name can cause shivers. Howard Phillips Lovecraft or H. P.

6 Fairy Tale Books From Around The World

Fairy tales existed long before authors, such as the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault, compiled the tales into popular volumes. While most people are familiar with the classic English fairy tales, there are also plenty of other fairy tales from across the globe to discover. Many of these tales share a lot of similarities with their English coun-terparts, but there are also plenty with completely unique twists and turns.

5 Classic Ghost Story Books That Are Free

There is just something about tales of things that go bump in the night that make them appealing to readers who love to send shivers up their own spines. Since cultures from all over the world believe in ghosts, it is no surprise that these spirits from beyond feature in so many tales. Some of these tales are also ancient, dating as far back as the Old Testament and Homer’s Odyssey. Due to the popularity of ghost stories, there are many compilations available that are filled with tales of their terror.

5 Free Biographies of Classic Musicians

These days it feels like every pop artist has their own biography by the age of 20, but for something really interesting why not delve into the stories of classic musicians. You might know their music, but how much do you really know about their lives and times. The following free biographies not only offer a fascinating glimpse into lives of these musicians and how they became who they were, but also the world around them.

6 Books About Time Travel

With so many great books to read and so many other demands on our time, chances are that most readers have wished they had access to a time machine at some point just to rewind back to a holiday or free weekend. Of course, the ability to travel through time would also have a lot of other uses, but the risk might not be worth the potential reward. It is for this reason that time travel is a topic that has fascinated authors of all kinds of genres, from science fiction to romance. Due to the complexity involved, it is a subject where authors have to tread carefully less they want their readers to, in the words of Austin Powers, “go cross-eyed.” Here are just a few books that deal with the topic in an interesting and engaging manner.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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