Mansionz - "Dennis Rodman" feat. Dennis Rodman Available Now!

Mansionz – “Dennis Rodman” (feat. Dennis Rodman) Available Now!

Today, Mike Posner & Blackbear released their 3rd single “Dennis Rodman” from their duo project Mansionz! “Dennis Rodman” features the former NBA superstar, Dennis Rodman himself on the guest vocals. Their upcoming self-titled debut album Mansionz hits stores next Friday, March 24th! Get “Dennis Rodman” now on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon! Stream “Dennis Rodman” […]

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Mansionz - "STFU" (feat. Spark Master Tape) Available Now!

Mansionz – “STFU” (feat. Spark Master Tape) Available Now!

Mike Posner & Blackbear officially released their single “STFU” featuring Spark Master Tape from their duo project Mansionz. Mansionz signed with Island Records a few months ago, so expect to hear and see more of them very soon. Get “STFU” now on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon! Follow Mansionz: Snapchat: […]

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Mansionz - STFU Feat. Spark Master Tape

Mansionz – “STFU” Feat. Spark Master Tape

Today, Mike Posner and Blackbear shared a new song from their new project! New song “STFU” featuring Spark Master Tape is the brand new collaboration from the newly formed duo Mansionz that includes Mike Posner and Blackbear. Listen their smooth R&B track below! SoundCloud link: Follow Mansionz:

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