Mike Posner Lyrics

A collection of Mike Posner lyrics! Here you will find song lyrics from his albums, singles, mixtapes, collaborations, non-album songs, and even rare unreleased songs. More lyrics to come as Mike’s song catalog expands. Contact me if you see any errors or would like to submit missing lyrics.



  • A Matter Of Time – Drug Dealer Girl, Still Not Over You, Halo, Smoke & Drive, etc
  • One Foot Out The Door – I Don’t Trust Myself, Kiss Me Thru The Phone, Speed Of Sound, etc
  • The Layover – Henny & Purple, Marauder Music, A Perfect Mess, Mittens Up, etc


  • Collaborations – Crown, L.A. Story, Switch Lanes, Top of the World, etc
  • Non-Album – My Light, The Way It Used To Be, Looks Like Sex, etc