Mike Posner Trademark

Details and images of Mike Posner’s trademark look, tattoo, name logos, Tear Drops and Balloons logo, two-handed “Brains Up” gesture, infinity logo and Brain Trust logo.

  • Diamond earring in his left ear
  • Necklace: Gold and diamond “Frank the Rabbit” pendant inspired by the character in the movie Donnie Darko (2001)
  • Tattoo: One tattoo located under his left breast that reads “BLACKBEAR Rest in Peace” which he got tatted in 2016 for his friend, singer Matthew “Blackbear” Musto.
  • Mike Posner name logos:



  • Tear Drops and Balloons logo:

  • Infinity logo:

  • Brain Trust logo: Can you see where it says ‘POSNER’ in the brain?

  • Two-handed “Brains Up” gesture:

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