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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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Published: 1892
Language: English
Wordcount: 105,161 / 290 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 87.3
LoC Category: PR
Series: Sherlock Holmes
Downloads: 508,848 2305

A delight for a public which enjoys incident, mystery, and above all that matching of the wits of a clever man against the dumb resistance of the secrecy of inanimate things, which results in the triumph of the human intelligence.

Show Excerpt

ng you."

"Then, pray consult," said Holmes, shutting his eyes once more.

"The facts are briefly these: Some five years ago, during a lengthy visit to Warsaw, I made the acquaintance of the well-known adventuress, Irene Adler. The name is no doubt familiar to you."

"Kindly look her up in my index, Doctor," murmured Holmes without opening his eyes. For many years he had adopted a system of docketing all paragraphs concerning men and things, so that it was difficult to name a subject or a person on which he could not at once furnish information. In this case I found her biography sandwiched in between that of a Hebrew rabbi and that of a staff-commander who had written a monograph upon the deep-sea fishes.

"Let me see!" said Holmes. "Hum! Born in New Jersey in the year 1858. Contralto--hum! La Scala, hum! Prima donna Imperial Opera of Warsaw--yes! Retired from operatic stage--ha! Living in London--quite so! Your Majesty, as I understand, became entangled with this young person, wrote

Reader Reviews

Average Rating of 4.3 from 36 reviews: *****

Loved it, however, after initially bringing up Holmes' vices, it never factored into any of the cases. Would have been an interesting twist.

Awesome book 10/10.


very nice !!!
love you sherlock

Tim Symonds

There's an excellent PBS television programme showing how the original canon has inspired many recent forensic approaches to crime scenes, 150 years after Doyle penned them.

Tim Symonds
Author of Sherlock Holmes And the Mystery of Einstein's Daughter (published 2014)


Good for learning English!!!!


Good book, but not great literature. Entertaiment without depth, no great stile in writing


Sherlock Holmes mysteries are among the first I have ever read and I still enjoy them.

Izbel Ramiz

Arthur Conan Doyle is definitely the most creative writer ever!


Greatest fictional detective of all time.


A great collection of works about the world's greatest detective and his offsider. Brilliantly written.


Merry Christmas, Mr. Holmes. This vol. contains The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, a short but sweet holiday mystery. Who knew Sherlock had the Spirit of the Season?


the best series ever

Paul Lillebo

The writing is, of course, splendid, and the stories timeless. Young people need to read older stories like these to discover that not all entertainment needs to be hyper-paced hyperaction. I'll give it 4 stars based on carelessness in the production of this e-version: the Table of Contents is not linked to the stories, so finding a specific story is awkward. (The best way is to Search for a portion of the title.) I'm basing this critique on the Kindle (.azw) version.


i love it mega likeeeeeeeeeee


Well as I said earlier, if you read him once, you want more of him...



Simply inspiring, a tremendous collection of literacy. i strongly recommend it to all.

Good Reading!


I'd just like to add that Sherlock Holmes is well-known for his incredible deductions skills, however this is a falsity. It is much more occurent in the The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that Sir Conan Doyle employs the use of Induction, not Deduction, in his main character Sherlock Holmes. The difference is that deduction is drawing two points of fact to draw a conclusion; however, Sherlock Holmes often induces based on fact and experience to surmise conclusions. If you read some of the most famous of Sherlock Holmes quotes, you will notice this pattern.

Thank you, I just needed to point that out. Bar none best detective novel you can read. It left an indelible impression on me, as a student.


One of the BEST books I've ever read... The tiniest details that we tend to ignore, he captures them and deduces from them. Hats off to Doyle! If he were alive in this era, I'm sure he'd have written stories based on today's modern technology and modern ways of crimes committed.
A Must Read Book.


very good


Best collection of mystery short stories ever written.

Read the entire collected works. You can take Sherlock Holmes in small doses...but it is never enough...It's like having one bite of your Grandmother's fried chicken on Sunday afternoon and told to stop there and go outside and play. Holmes and Watson are simply the greatest sleuths this side of Dirty Harry...and those in my opinion are the extreme opposites. Enjoy and come back and enjoy again. Holmes is worth every minute spent with him.

gaurav ojha

truly awesome like every other


Very enojyable read, well worth it!


i simply love it


nice book


Sherlock Holmes is the man :)


This is a really detailed book. It's very exciting, and intriging at the same time. I will recommend it to all my friends.

Jenny li

It is a great book.I've read many of Sir Conan Dolye books but the most interesting book I've ever came through is The adventures of sherlock holmes.

A masterpiece from Arthur Conan Doyle. The collection of stories is excellent and very interesting.

Also refer to the great work from the same auther.. The hound of Baskervilles


What an absolute pleasure and brought back some wonderful childhood memories. I received my Kindle for Christmas and immediately looked for books to download and when I saw Sherlock Holmes I couldn't wait. Timeless. Fascinating.

Murdoch Cholmes

Having read several of the reviews on this page - i feel the need to intervene. as many have said there are few if any action scenes within the holmes novels but that is precisely the point. Holmes is not a policeman or action hero - he is a private investigator. Therefore he investigates - as he comments himself he craves cases that are interesting not merely run of the mill murders, those he leaves to scotland yard. The true power of doyles work is the heroes brain - holmes uses his skills for deduction to solve crime not his brawn.

Bipolar Writer

Doyle's stories have aged; younger readers who crave big suprises, action, action, and more action will be disappointed with this collection. But if you're a voracious reader, or you appreciate every little Of course! moments, then downloading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes will be worthwhile for you. 3 stars, to avoid misleading anyone. d=


Smart, and very Brit. I have Doyle's entire collection at home, illustrations and all, and I keep it in a treasure chest. =D

Richard Bohan

Arthur Conan Doyle was always a better writer of short stories than of novels. This first collection of short stories of Sherlock Holmes has always been regarded as the best, although I suspect that is more because of its novelty at the time of publication than because of any lesser quality in the later short stories.

Present day readers will be surprised at the selection of advantures (and Doyle was obviously generous in his use of the term adventure. Five of the twelve stories in this volume do not involve crimes at all. Some of the others involve only minor crimes and, while Holmes does solve the mysteries to his satisfaction he very rarely "catches" the criminal in the sense of having him arrested or tried.

It says something about Doyle's perception of England that only three of the stories involve murder, and in each of the cases the murderer is either foreign or has spent much of his career abroad.

None of this is meant to disparage Sherlock Holmes of his creator. It is impossible to read this book without becoming involved with the characters of Holmes and Watson, or developing an admiration for Holmes'work.


Classic Sherlock Holmes short stories... Great stuff!


Each of Holme's cases (at least those that we know of) are always interesting. It's not action-packed, there are not that many chases through the streets of London and though Mr. Holmes packs a mean punch, he hardly resorts to violence. What makes this great is Holmes' genius combined with loyal Dr. Watson.


This collection of twelve Sherlock Holmes stories were originally published in the Strand Magazine.



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