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Choosing an Online Proctoring Software

The popularity of online proctored exams has increased. It is time-consuming, inefficient, and cumbersome to mark exam papers online. Marking of students’ essays, diagrams, drawings, videos, and audio has been made easier by online proctoring software because they are efficient, secure, and quick. Many educational institutions and certification providers have been forced to use online proctoring software due to the coronavirus pandemic that has made governments restrict people’s movement. However, many universities and colleges have not used online proctoring software before; hence they do not know what to look for when choosing an online marking software. When choosing an online marking software, one must be careful because there are numerous online proctoring solutions in the market. If you want to find online proctoring software that fits your specifications, you need to consider several things.

The first thing you should consider when choosing an online proctoring software is comprehensiveness. You should find online proctoring software with everything you need to conduct online exams without juggling between multiple software if you want to have an easy time hosting online exams. Apart from marking exams, good online proctoring software should also be capable of holding different kinds of tests, automating exams schedules, and holding exams across different places. Worries of the students cheating on the exams can reduce when you buy comprehensive online proctoring software. Monitoring everything the students are doing when taking the test will be possible when you have a comprehensive online proctoring software.

In colleges and universities, the number of students who take tests at a certain time can be huge. Therefore, scalability is another factor you should consider when choosing an online proctoring software. It will be easy to conduct online tests on a large and small scale if you have a scalable online proctoring software. Also, assessing candidates from all over the world will be easy for certificate providers. Also, ensuring the online proctoring software is integrable with the institution’s existing learning management systems is important. You will have a smooth and seamless experience when you find an online assessment software that easily integrates with the existing assessment engine.

The user experience of the examiner and the students taking the tests should also be considered when choosing an online marking software. Students need to have an easy time navigating through the software and using it when attempting their examinations. Also, you should consider customizability when choosing online proctoring software. Online proctoring software can be modified to suit your system and looks similar to offline exams if it is customizable. Cost should also be considered when choosing an online proctoring software. When considering the cost, you should ensure the software can deliver the services you are paying for.

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