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Personal Injury Attorney: When Should You Call One

Accidents have become part and parcel of our lives. You start walking or driving on the road, and a careless driver causes an accident that leaves you with serious injuries. A faulty machine, a wet floor, or heavy boxes will trip and hit, thus causing bodily injuries. If involved in an accident and believe it was avoidable, go to court and seek redress. Once you prove that another person was negligent, the court will pronounce a huge payment as compensation. You can increase the odds of winning such lawsuits by hiring a top personal injury attorney Marietta GA has to file the compensation claims.

When injured in any place resulting from someone being negligent, get legal representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer. But when will a victim of accidents knows it is the right time to contact a law firm that offers legal representation. Read through to understand.

There is no legal requirement that forces accident victims to pay a personal injury attorney after sustaining severe injuries. However, it will be a victim’s best interest if they contact a lawyer immediately. There are several reasons why you need to make that call.

If you suffered disability and serious injuries

When you suffer serious injuries, with some leading to permanent disability, get a personal injury attorney. You don’t want to leave any chance when in the future, you live with suffering, pain, higher medical bills. Try and consult an attorney. The lawyer understands what you will go through in the future, and they file a lawsuit asking for higher compensation. With enough money paid by insurers, you get the right treatment and care to minimize suffering.

Not sure who was at fault

Some accident happens, and you cannot tell who was at fault. In such instances, seek the service of an attorney. Remember, the other parties’ insurance hired a lawyer who tries to intimidate and defend their client, thus claiming victims for the fault. When you engage an attorney, your rights get protected. The attorney defends their victims from cross and counterclaims.

Multiple parties involved

In some cases, the accident involves several parties. Here, you consult a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries. With representation, you get the best chance of avoiding huge bills in the future. The law firm can deal with multiple insurers and build a case that protects victims.

Denied and delayed claims

Many people do not understand laws and procedures followed during personal injury cases. As such, the insurers take advantage of this to deny and delay legitimate claims. You cannot forego your compensation. Every victim needs representation from a tough lawyer who pushes to have claims released on time.

The lawyer

If involved in a car or any other accident that leaves you nursing injuries and pain, go to court and file a claim. However, this becomes easier when you call a personal injury and car accident law firm to file claims. At Harold B. Garcia, LLC, you get personal injury attorneys ready to fight for your rights and ensure a higher compensation comes. Call their office for a consultation now.

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